Welcome to my blog for the Educated Eater!

Hello, everyone!

Welcome to my first blog entry for The Educated Eater and, quite honestly, my first blog entry… EVER!  My main motivation behind starting this blog was to fulfill the requirements of a course I am taking this fall at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School: PA 5190, Social Media: Engaging Democracy and Communities Online.

I am personally interested in the issues surrounding factory farming and the moral dilemma I regularly face when choosing to eat, or not to eat, meat!  I am not a vegetarian.  In fact, my husband is a deer hunter in Minnesota and I totally support his decision to do so.  I shop at both the mainstream grocer and the local food co-op.  I make some good food choices, but not all good food choices. I hope, through this research and blog, to learn more about the industry so that I can make educated decisions on all of the food that I consume. I also hope that I can help other confused souls navigate the complicated world of industrial livestock production.

I’ve started a resource page on experts I’ve found on this topic. This is a starting point and I’d love to add to this list, so please feel free to send more suggestions.


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